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On the 12th of July, 1976, Maryam Mohammadi was born on Planet earth in Iran. She grew up in an art loving family and begun her artistic activity at the age of 8 through painting and story writing in the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. At the age of 12, in the presence of Mahdi Alizadeh with her father’s support, She learned to draw professionally with oil pastels, and at the age of 18, entered The Art University of Sooreh, majoring Visual Arts.

Ever since She was 16 years old, She spent her time in photography, and because of it, She continued her study in photography at the Azad Art University and got her bachelor’s degree. Then She got her master’s degree in Graphic Design and Video Art there. Finally, She graduated there with a high score.

Since, she was a child she has also been interested in films and cinemas, She paid attention to criticism programs after watching television films and especially science fiction movies and She tried putting herself in the characters’ boots and changing the decisions to how She would’ve made them, and as a result, she managed to make her first documentary, “The 2|2 Victory” at the age of 21. She then passed cinematic studies in the Karnameh Film School, and after that, films of her like “Unlock (Gholf)”, “A Place Like My Land”, “My Mother Iran” and “Refuge”, were shown in international film festivals like Short Film Corner Film Festival de Cannes, The International Australian Film Festival, Kiarostami’s Film Festival, Instabul’s Film Festival.
Maryam Mohammadi believes that she was honored to have the chance to learn art from its masters in every field in art,such as Ghobad Shiva,Ahmad Vakili,Abbass Atar,kaveh Kazemi,
Farshid Shafeai,Akbar Alemi,Bahman Jalali,Alireza Jodey,Sevrin Vermersh, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese,and many famous others.

She has also had art exhibitions, both in Iran and in other countries.

Refuge is a short film that was directed by Maryam Mohammadi and screened at The Albert and Dana Broccoli Theatre, in the USC, the most cinematic university in California and got the attention of most judges, and then in The Director Guild of America in New York she was adored by Martin Scorsese.
Her documentary film Unlock won prizes in fields of best directing best Researching best Artistic achievement in the festivals.

Because of her ambition for sending experience in the field of arts and cinema She spent time teaching in universities. And as a university instructor, she is actively working in the Faculty of Art and some other international academy’s and she also works in various fields of visual art such as Graphic design, Painting, Art photography, screen writing, directing documentary films, video art conceptual art and designing.